Saturday, April 4, 2015

Week 30-Congressman Visit, Volume, & Math Review

We started off our week with a visit from Congressman Brooks. He spoke to the fifth grade about the government. 

The kids were full of questions and learned a lot!

We learned about volume this week in math. I love using these cubes that the students create and then fill with base 10 blocks to help them understand what volume really is.

Towards the end of the week I started reviewing for our state testing. I was looking for a fun way to do this and found it! I have tons of task cards for different math topics that I've purchased on Teacher Pay Teachers. So I printed out several from different standards, folded them up, and put each one inside an Easter egg. 

I asked some 3rd grade students to "hide" our eggs and off we went. My students were really excited to do the egg hunt and each team reviewed math as they went.  

Each group worked at their own pace and solved the problems. Each person had to record their own answers but could get help from their group members if they needed it. I loved this idea and my students wanted to know if we could do it again next week. 

 STUDENTS: Which math standard do you feel that you have mastered and which would you like to review before our upcoming state test?


  1. I feel that I have mastered adding, multiplying, subtracting, and dividing fractions, but I need a refresher on properties.

  2. I think Ive mostly got fractions but need an extended form/exponets refresher


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