Friday, March 20, 2015

Week 29- Area & Perimeter

This week was the week before spring break and I was sick too. Thank goodness for our student teacher Ms. Jordan who was willing to take on the some of the crazy lessons I had planned for the week.

We started this week with Area and Perimeter using Cheez-Its. We practiced calculating both after we built our shapes.

We also calculated area and perimeter with toilet paper rolls to figure out which is the best buy. I found the file Toilet Paper Math Challenge, which is where I found this great activity, 

We had our Leadership Day @ MES this week as well (which I was also sick for). I hate that I missed it because our 5th graders had been practicing and I know they did an amazing job on our leadership song. Want to check it out? Look at the Monrovia Elementary Facebook page to see the video.

STUDENTS: Next week is spring break! What are your plans for the week? I'm heading to Washington DC with some of you and can't wait to share our experience when we return.

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