Friday, March 13, 2015

Week 28- Field trip, Fun Run, & Respiratory System

We finally had a full week of school with no delays and no weather days! Wow, it was great to finally be back on schedule and we filled the week with fun.

Monday started with the Fun Run to raise money for new technology for our school. 

The students collected pledges for laps run. We all had fun during the fun run. We had to do it inside because of our weather but it was still great. 

We also wrapped up our unit on the respiratory system. The kids did an experiment with BTB and water. They blew up a balloon and used a straw to force the air in the balloon into the water. 

Since the water had BTB in it, it turned yellow when the carbon dioxide was forced into the water. 

Want to learn more about the experiment? I purchased the Respiratory System Teacher Pack on TpT! This is a great purchase for anyone studying the respiratory system. 

We ended the week with a field trip to see our local high school put on the play Cinderella. We go every year and we're never disappointed. 

It was fun for all of us! We stopped and had CiCi's pizza for lunch and then returned to school. 

STUDENTS: What was your favorite part of the play? Why was it your favorite?


  1. My favorite part of the play was every time the Evil Stepmother and the stepsisters came on stage because it was to funny!

  2. my favorite part was when the fairy godmother sang impossible because it was so cool

  3. I think my favorite part was when Cinderella sang "In my own little corner" and when the fairy godmother sang "Impossible".


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