Saturday, November 15, 2014

Week 14- Learning about LMS

This week we were out of school for Veteran's day on Tuesday. Wednesday and Thursday I was at Central Office for meetings. I was selected to be a member of a team to review Learning Management Systems. We had several different presenters come and share about their LMS and explain how to use it.

There were 2 that stood out above the rest. We are considering using the paid version but there is a free version for both of them. I have to say that these are both similar to Edmodo but with many more features on the paid version. I'm not sure how the free versions compare but I think these two are worth a look if you are thinking about using a LMS.



I really like Schoology best but they are both very comparable.

I also learned how to give a quiz to my students using Google Forms combined with Flubaroo. The best part is that you can make it self grading. Woo hoo! I'm excited to share this with teachers who are looking at using BYOT or 1:1.

So this week was all about what the teacher learned. :)

STUDENTS: Do you like taking your tests and quizzes digitally or would you rather do paper/pencil only? Why? Give evidence to support your choice.


  1. I like using digital better. It makes it funner to take a test.


  2. I know everything is getting high - tec and all but what I suggest is paper and pencil because technology does mess up, people can get to show their work just in case they're guessing, and students can actually concentrate without their head ache the whole time from stareing at the screen. Most ecpecially if a person has glasses their eyes can be likely to hurt.


  3. I actually like both of them because digital makes you check 2x because you only get to send it once.
    Paper & Pencil however makes sure you didn't cheat.

  4. I enjoy doing both, because it is fun and interractive to do it digitally and having paper and pencil is a good back up choice. Digital is also another way for you to more things with us. In my opinion, I think I like it the way you are doing it, because digital is fun and paper/pencil is back up.

  5. I like taking tests digitally simply because I like using technology!!!

  6. i am with David




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