Saturday, November 8, 2014

Week 13- Exemplars and Chemistry Truck

This week we started working on Exemplars. They are complex word problems that require an explanation. The students have to solve the problems and explain how they solved them. I loved listening in on each group to hear their discussion about how to solve the problems. This week they were looking for the cheapest mechanical pencils based on an add. 

Our school also had the Chemistry Truck come to visit! 

They did a group presentation and then groups signed up for time slots. During those time slots they had tables set up for groups to rotate for hands on chemistry. 

We had some great parent volunteers come to help as well. I think everyone had a great time!

STUDENTS: What was your favorite chemistry activity during your table rotations Friday? Why was it your favorite?


  1. I liked (opinion) the black light because it was glow central.

  2. I liked the wafting station because it fun to guess what everything smelled like!

  3. I liked the wafting activity.


  4. I liked all of them but the one liked best was making silly putty. I think this what a lot of people liked. It was hard to choose which one I liked most because I liked all of them!

  5. I liked the one with the dried ice. It was cool how the sticker went back to yellow so quickly.


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