Thursday, May 23, 2013

Our Last Days Together

I can't believe the school year is over! Today was our last day. We had a busy week this week. One of my former students, Megan, came to see me and talk to the kids about middle school.

We had some fun with math as well. We had a 24 tournament, with the help of Mrs. James.



Have you ever played 24? It is a lot of fun. There are 4 numbers on the card and students can add, subtract, multiply, and divide the numbers to reach 24. All numbers on the card must be used.


We also had 5th grade graduation this week. The kids were all dressed up and looked so nice!



Here is our class in the gym right before the ceremony.


Of course, I had to get a picture made with our principal, Dr. Davis.


At the end of the final day we had the 5th Grade Final Walk. All the students in the school stand in the hallway and cheer for our 5th grade students. Once they leave us they go to middle school so most of them won't be back.


Parents are invited to join us and meet us outside on the playground at the end of the walk.



I will take a little break from blogging for a week or so but I plan to continue sharing ideas throughout the summer for all my teacher followers. I hope everyone has a safe and restful summer!


  1. I noticed that you use expo markers on the desks. How do you manage keeping the desks clean? What an awesome idea!

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