Sunday, April 14, 2013

Week 29- 3D Shapes & Skating


Congrats to Jon & Michael R for getting a math award. They scored in the top for the Math League competiton we have throughout the school year. Way to go guys!


We have been learning about 3D shapes in math. Here are a few pictures of the interactive notebook pages we made. I love these because you only glue one face so the shapes can still be folded up to create the 3D shapes.


Our math coach, Mrs. James, came and did a review game with us this week. The kids drew 4 number cards and tried to create an fraction addition problem with the largest sum. The kids had fun playing this game.


Way to go Brooks for finally making it to the first square in 4 Squares at recess.


We ended the week with our final field trip of the year.


We went skating and had a great time. Yes, even I know how to skate! Some of the kids were shocked but it was fun!





STUDENTS: This week we had our final 5th grade field trip to the skating rink. How does skating relate to science? Only give one example and don't repeat what others have said.


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