Friday, December 14, 2012

Week 17- School Play & Factors

This week on the reading test my students had to write about someone who inspires them. Riley made my day when she wrote about me.

Week 17

We have been learning about factors in math so here are a few of the pages we made in our interactive notebooks for math. On this page we listed our vocabulary on different colored sticky notes. You can see the way we do factors. We call them factor rainbows. It helps the kids know when to stop listing factors. When you get to the other side of the rainbow you're finished.

Week 17 Week 17

Mrs. James, our math coach, came in Thursday and made a flipbook with the kids too. They also solved some fun math puzzles. She left me a 10,000 chart. I've never seen a chart so big! I plan to put it up next week and start using it when we return from Christmas break.

Week 17

Today the drama club performed their play, Hansel and Gretal. Ryan and Colette were the lead actors.




I had several students in the school drama club and I'm so proud of each and every one of them. Their performance was amazing!


STUDENTS: It is almost time for Christmas break. Tell us about a Christmas tradition your family has.


  1. we have a snowball fight

  2. me and my dads side of the family play dirty Santa.

  3. We eat watch t.v and open gifts.

  4. My Christmas tradition is we wake up open presents. Than have a good breakfast.

  5. I spead time with my famiy and watch 25 day of C-xas o n ABC family.

  6. my family and I open presents and when we are done we play with them. after we have opened gifts my grandparents come over and we eat soup.

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