Friday, October 12, 2012

Week 8- Explorer Day


This week we logged in to for the first time in the computer lab. The kids had a great time practicing math facts and playing Junk Pile!

Newton's Race

We also had Newton's Race! The students built ramps to use to race their cars.

On your mark

Get set

Then they added washers to the cars to see if it made a difference in the speed of the cars.


Friday was Explorer Day. Students dressed up like explorers and brought items to trade.


All of the 5th grade classes went to the library and traded items. Everyone had a great time!

IMG_2553 IMG_2554 IMG_2558 IMG_2559

We also started making our flipbook to learn about the layers of the atmosphere. Check out this song to help you remember the layers!

STUDENTS: What was your favorite part of Explorer Day? What were you able to trade for? How does what we did compare to what the explorers actually did?


  1. my favorite part was trading. I was able to trade for a football. this was like what they did bacause they had different goods and went and traded it.

  2. my fav. part was dressing up i got a roll. It reminds me of when they traded.

  3. My favorite part was dressing up. I traded for seashells and a marker. We traded for have fun stuff they traded for things that they needed.

  4. when you got see what everybody had.I traded my chicken for three bags of cheeseits

  5. Matthew said, My favorite part of Explorer Day was seeing classmates in costumes. Some people looked a little funny. I was able to trade for candy. I learned not to bring Trail Mix to trade, because nobody wanted trail mix, just candy:( We both traded for items we needed and wanted. They traded for furs, gunpowder, food. We traded for toys and candy.

  6. My favorite part was getting treats. I got a car four a necklace.explores were the same as us because they traded goods just like. I had a fun time!

  7. My favorite part was trading items. I traded gold for a spinning top. We both traded goods.

  8. mine was trading because that's what explorers did back then and it was cool to see what they brought


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