Friday, October 5, 2012

Week 7

Mult properties match up

This was a very busy week for us! We started off by learning the properties of multiplication. You can see Dalton & Ryan playing a game where they had to match the properties to problems on their game board.

Mrs James comes to visit

Our reading coach, Mrs. James, came in this week to help us with Daily Data. One of the things we learned to do was to make inferences about the data. Then we practiced finding unrelated inferences! Check out the list we generated to explain why someone sold more lemonade from week to week.

Unrelated inferences from data

We also participated in the OREO project from Projects by Jen.


The kids stacked OREOs and tried to make the tallest stack. There were able to make 2 attempts.

M & C Oreos

Look at the concentration taking place!

Oreos 2

Don't fall!

Boys & Oreos

After everyone finished we recorded the data in our Daily Data notebook and used the clickers to create a graph to show their averages.

Oreo design

After we finished stacking the kids were able to use the cookies to create a sculpture. Some worked alone and others synergized!

Pyramid success

Jon's "fat free" Oreo

Eli's sculpture

Newton's law penny

This week in science we were learning about Newton's First Law. The kids tried to keep the object at rest (penny) while sliding a paper circle out from under it. It took a lot of practice and concentration but some were able to make it work. We started by cutting circles out of cardstock. Then we balanced the penny on top of the paper and put all that on our thumbs. If the students had it balanced correctly they could hit the side of the paper circle. The paper circle would fly out and the penny would stay on their thumb! If they flipped it wrong the force of the paper moving made the penny move.

Penny 2

STUDENTS: Give me an example of Newton's 1st or 2nd law. We talked about the penny (1st law) and riding in a car (2nd law). Give me an example that you can think of that has not already been mentioned in the comments!


  1. when you put your pincel on your desk it will not go anywhere unless you go and pick it up

  2. 2 skaters pushing each other with their hands

  3. When a basketball and a soccerball drops from a building

  4. If you throw a baseball in space it will continue to travel until acted upon by an outside force.

  5. If you put a baseball on the ground it will not move tll you hit it


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