Friday, May 18, 2012

Week 37

Our year is quickly coming to an end. It is so hard to believe we only have 7 more days of school and then you will be "young adults" according to Mr. Brown.

Lit circles

This week we started working on literature circles. The kids were able to pick the book they wanted to read. We didn't have a lot of time to meet because it was a crazy week, but we were able to work in some time. We'll be finishing them up next week.

Lit circles 2

JT, Jarold, and LeighAnna worked to get our Madagascar hissing cockroaches ready for summer. They took them all out to clean out the old bedding and add some new bedding. They are all ready for Mr. Wayne to take of them this summer!
Cleaning our pets

Temporary home

We also found out the titles the kids won after I finished tallying the votes for Who's Who from our class.

Dakota and Megan M. won Mr. and Miss Monrovia. All the pages were sent out for parents to copy today. If you turned in the required assignments then you will be getting a copy of the Who's Who book with all of the titles/pictures, acrostic poems, writing, and baby pictures. I can't wait to see the books this year. I know you will all enjoy them in years to come.


In this final picture you see me along with my cooperating teaching from many years ago. I worked with Mrs. Callaway when I did my student teaching in 2001. She teaches 2nd grade at Madison Elementary School. I was able to see her this week when I attended my mother-in-law's retirement party.

STUDENTS: We went on our middle school trip this week. What are you looking forward to the most in middle school? What makes you a little scared?


  1. I really want to go to Middle school because there isn't any annoying little children running around, and because it's bigger and more awesome. I really don't like being mixed in with the snobby Endeavor kids though. I'm scared that I'll get lost.LOL

  2. heh my friend goes to endeaver.I cant wait to see my sister, its realy fun having big kids around and say youre so cute. So i really like it. I wont miss all the booger eaters and nose pickers and little munchkins runn around.who agrees : /

  3. What I won't miss at all is the little kids running around and all the craziness. I'm scared that I might get lost and that I won't know which way to go.

  4. (Carolyn+Mrs.White)+May 30th=end of 5th gradeMay 20, 2012 at 6:08 PM

    I'm looking forward to be called a young , mature adult, and I won't have to see booger eating kids. i'm scared of being with the 8th graders, even though I know most of them.

  5. claudia martinez :) ;)May 20, 2012 at 8:03 PM

    im looking forward to have new friends also i wont miss the little kids though. what scares me that i will get picked on , fall flat on my face while im trying to get to class ,and get lost

  6. I am looking forward to having NO BOYS IN P.E.!Just girls!!!!I am scared I will forget something from my locker or forget my homework! Also I might get lost and not know where to go next year.I would also like to add something....I DO NOT want to do the book project during MY summer!>:( I want to have no homework over the summer so I can relax!

  7. I looking forward to seeing my friends from different schools. The thing that makes me a little scared is when I might forget my homework in my locker and get detention.


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