Friday, May 11, 2012

Week 36

Lang games

This week we were all playing grammar games. I had a project funded through Donors Choose that allowed me to purchase langage games for the kids to practice grammar skills. As you can see they had a lot of fun.


The kids learned how to play the games and then taught each other.


More games

Calculator activities

We also had fun in math using calculators. I had a calculator riddles book that the kids enjoyed. We also practiced how to use a calculator when working "real life" problems.


JT really liked the "Cooperation" sign. :)


These are my students who won the Presidential Fitness Award. Way to go Jarold, Caleb, JT, TJ, Alyse, Megan M., and Andrea (not pictured).

Playing with Pentominoes

We also had a lot of fun with pentominoes. I told the kids they were made with 5 squares. Before I gave them the pentominoes to use they had to draw all 12 shapes. They weren't able to draw something that would be a reflection or rotation of a shape they had already drawn.

Pentominoes Fun

Later in the week I challenged the students to cover a 3x5 index card using 3 different pentomiones. There are several ways this can be done and they were begging for more time to do this!

Pentominoes desk arrangement

They even moved their desks so they look like pentominoes!

Mystery math

We also had fun during math groups on Thursday. Students used the iPads to scan a QR code that took them to our Today's Meet page. They each told me about their favorite math app on the iPad. At the table, they had a calculator challenge to complete.

This week was Teacher Appreciation Week at MES. I felt so much love and appreciation from my students this week! Check this out! I can only say, they know what I like!

They know what I like

Thank you to all the students and parents that helped to spoil me this week!

Teacher appreciation

STUDENTS: We only have 12 days left in school. What will you miss the most about 5th grade? What was your favorite activity from this school year? What will you not miss at all?


  1. timothy my name is not ti and mothy its one wordMay 11, 2012 at 7:18 PM

    i'll miss my friends and teacher iloved at pe and recess but iwont miss the work :p

  2. I'll especially miss my friends and my teacher. I liked not having to do book work. I won't miss all the tests we had to take.

  3. Just like timothy and megan.I will miss friends and Mrs.White. I would miss the most are the our pets. I won't miss the all the test and all of the work.

  4. Carolyn = Mrs.White =5th GradeMay 13, 2012 at 3:43 PM

    I will miss you ,Coach stacey,andchis,michelle and all their kids. My faveorite activity was chem. experiments. I won't miss ll the work we did.

  5. claudia martinez :) ;)May 13, 2012 at 7:28 PM

    well i would miss mrs whites expirements. my favorite activity would be chem. i will not forget mrs whites tests.:) ;)

  6. What I'll miss the most is just like Timothy,Megan,and TJ said I'll miss my friends and you Mrs. White. I loved that we didn't have to read in our textbooks a lot and Chem. I won't miss at all is the work we have done.

  7. I will miss my friends,cockroaches,Hawk Eye News, student council,Mrs.White,game days,school dances,fallies,all my former teachers,and Sebastian since he is leaving.:(I won't miss all the work and tests but I bet there will be more tests and work in middle school.My favorite activity this year was the dissecting.I will miss Monrovia Elementary School! :(


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