Friday, June 17, 2016

#XpLAP Chapter 2- Myths

Chapter 2 of Explore Like a Pirate talks about all the myths that surround gamification. Several books I've read lately have the excuses chapter. I think if you're reading this book you aren't using any of those excuses. However, I'm sure these are used for talking points if you are trying to get buy in from other teachers or administration. 
  • Myth 1- Games are just for play. 
    • Games are such powerful ways to learn and practice problem solving and critical thinking. 
    • I never thought of it this way but the book mentions that we model so much that when students have a turn to make something they are ready to just move on. 
  • Myth 2- If I give them a badge or points, my class will be gamified. 
  • Myth 3- If's easy for you. It won't work for me because I teach ___.
    • I've got to say this is the excuse I probably hear most often. I'm new to gamilification, but it is the go to excuse for using technology. So often I am told that the kids can't do that. But if you get out of their way you'll be amazed.
  • Myth 4- You need to be a gamer to gamify your class. 
    • If this is true them I'm up the creek without a paddle. I am not a gamer at all! I get frustrated easily. My students would laugh at me because I told them Angry Birds makes me angry. 
  • Myth 5- Students should want to learn; I shouldn't have to dress it up. 
    • Who doesn't want to have fun while learning? I can see how adding gaming elements to a lesson would make it more engaging, and isn't that what we're all after?
  • Myth 6- Gamification is just playing games.
    • This is going to be more than just pulling out the board games and playing them with you class. 
  • Myth 7- Girls don't game.
  • Myth 8- My classroom doesn't have enough technology to make this work. 
    • I can't even argue that point. I have been on a mission to get more and more technology for my students to use. I'm the technology integration mentor for my school and technology is my passion. I am excited to learn about some of the gaming aspects that are used for those who aren't comfortable with technology. That will help me sell it to others.
  • Myth 9- Games in the classroom are too much about competition. 
    • We have had contests in class before and I think a little competition is healthy. 
So now I'm ready to really get into the meat of this book! . 


  1. I'd love to hear how you would use technology to gamify your classroom. I'm moving from a lower tech district to a higher-tech one and I'm all open to your ideas! Thanks for linking up.

  2. I am so glad that you don't have to be a gamer to use this system in the classroom because I would also be lost! We are getting 1to1 ipads this fall, so I am excited to hear how you use technology too!


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