Sunday, January 24, 2016

Spheres of Earth Island Challenge

My classes have been learning about the spheres of the Earth. To make this fun, I had each group create a deserted island.

They had to list all the plants, animals, soil type, water, weather, etc. they would have on their island. I reminded them that they would need to have more than one plant and one animals. I told them if I created an island and said I had pine trees and polar bears I wouldn't have a good change of survival. Here is a screen shot of the padlet before they started drawing fate cards.

 After the islands were created they jumped in their boat to take a break. While out in the boat a storm came up and they were stranded on the deserted island they created.

So they created their island and added all the information to their group's Padlet. Then each day they drew a fate card. The fate cards can be positive or negative. It has been fun watching them come up with solutions to problems they encounter. Some wouldn't work in real life but I can see some misconceptions that we can study soon. 


Some of the groups were able to find their background a take a picture in front of our green screen to make it look lik they were really on their own island. 

Here are a couple of screen shots from the group Padlets. We are almost finished with this simulation but this is one I'll do again for sure!

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