Friday, May 1, 2015

Week 34- Civil War, Integer Battle, & Mixtures

This week we started studying about the Civil War. Each student has been assigned a different historical figure to research and present to the class. We used a little class time to get started on this assignment.

We also learned how to add integers this week. I had several games lined up for us to play but the students loved this one so much they begged to play Integer Battle every day. We divided into teams and started with the X. One team moved up & down from the selected number and the other team moved left & right from the selected number. We decided if the highest or lowest score would win the game. Then they added integers to earn their points for the team. 

There was so much discussion between teammates about strategy and planning what the other team would pick. It only took one round for them to start developing a strategy to help their team win!

Our class had our Box Top celebration party this week. We collected the most Box Tops in the school so we were rewarded with a snow cone and popcorn party. It was a beautiful day so we took advantage of it. 

We concluded our lesson about mixtures and solutions by creating our own mixtures (iron filings, salt, sand, and beads). The students had to observe the properties of each material and then mix them together. We used this TpT file- Mixtures and Solutions Interactive Notebook Bundle- to add pages in our interactive notebook (see one page pictured)

Each group developed a plan for separating the mixtures and started to work. It was great to watch them all talk about the different ideas and come together to make the plan happen.  

Have you used the Lab Team Roles by The Science Penguin? I love using these cards when students work in groups for science labs. Each card has a different role and their responsibilities. It helps with group work and makes sure everyone does their part. You should check them out!

STUDENTS: It is so hard to believe the school year is coming to a close. What is the one end-of-year activity you're looking forward to? Why?


  1. 5th grade follies because you can watch all the amazing talents we have at MES!

  2. last day because of class party & fire truck

  3. Katie Rucker #20May 3, 2015 at 12:40 PM

    Field Day

  4. can't dicide
    field day
    fire truck
    last day

  5. 5th Grade Follies because we can inspire and share our talent with other students! That's why ever since I moved here in 1st Grade it was a dream to do 5th Grade Follies because the 5th Graders gave me hope. confidence, and inspiration that I could do it and now....... that's EXACTLY what I am doing never giving up and following my dreams! :-)



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