Saturday, December 13, 2014

Week 18- Picture Pie Fractions

Last week, at the Blue Ribbon Conference, I attended a session about using art in the general education classroom. When the presenter shared Ed Emberley's Picture Pie, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I ordered both of these books from Amazon and was ready to go!

This is a page inside the 2nd book. It shows students how to cut shapes to make a bulldog. 

So I shared my vision with my math classes and they went to work. I told them I wanted them to create pictures with cut circles and squares. After they made their pictures I asked them to use the pieces to create fractions. I also had them take any mixed numbers they had and convert them to improper fractions, which is what we did this week. 

I was excited about the way they embraced this project and ran with it. Most of them were really excited to be able to do art during math time. :)

Each of them put their own spin on the project, which is exactly what I wanted them to do!

The most challenging part for them was writing the fractions after their pictures were finished. I reminded them that I wanted them to use fractional pieces somewhere in the picture because this would be a 1st grade project if we just used whole numbers. The picture above used fractional pieces but when adding them all she ended up with whole numbers. So this student added a little more to her art project to end up with fractions!

The kids are still working on these projects but these are a few finished ones. I love how they each made something to reflect themselves!

STUDENTS: Did you like the Picture Pie art project during math? What was the best part of the project? What was the most challenging? Explain why.


  1. my turtle is comming together i got the idea from the book. then i got started on the books directions then i went by what looked right useing circles & squares

  2. I liked the project! The best part was that we get to learn and have fun at the same time. The challenging part was making the really tiny circle pieces.

  3. I love the picture pie project. It is a good way to combine art and math. The best part of the project was when I decided what I wanted to do. The most challenging part was making all the shapes.


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