Friday, July 11, 2014

Tech Presentation & Room Work

This week I started off by presenting about Technology I Use in My Classroom at the North Alabama Technology Conference.

I was super excited to be able to share a lot of the tech tools I use in my class. There was no way I could share everything but I did share the things that I use the most.Click here to download the pdf of my presentation!

I've also been working on putting the finishing touches on my classroom. I've been looking and deciding exactly what I want to put up and what I'm leaving down this year. I was able to move my bulletin board to the front of my room for the math wall. I'm planning to use this board for our daily math board.

I also purchased a couple of floor lamps for my room!

Here are the cabinets that were added to my wall (top cabinets). They are not brand new, just new to me but I am so happy to have the extra storage space. It helped me to clean some of the clutter off the filing cabinets.

I moved my meaningful mistakes and number crunchers signs to around my door. I'm planning to use my back wall where the new cabinets are to display stuff for the genius hour I'm planning to implement this year!

We have to keep a data wall inside our classroom this year. Last year we tracked data in the hallway but not in the classroom. I didn't want to call it my data wall so this is what I decided to use! 

We only have 2 more weeks of summer before school starts back for the teachers. We return July 30th and the students return August 5th. I can't believe it is almost time to start back but I think I"m ready!


  1. Your classroom looks great! I really like how you organize your student desks in the groups of 4. Do they students work well like this? Also, what do you keep in the little cart in the middle of the desks? Do you remember where you bought the carts? Enjoy the rest of your summer! We go back on August 11th and students start the 18th. Thanks!

  2. I am so jealous that you are already done with your classroom! We are getting a brand new school built this year and they aren't quite done with it yet. In fact, we have no idea when we will be getting in the building and teachers go back on Aug 13th and students come on the 19th. I am starting to get nervous! You have a great looking room!

    I have seen a few bloggers mention Genius Hour and I have got to check it out! It's on my 'to be googled' list! Haha!


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