Friday, June 20, 2014

Summer in My Classroom- Organizing & Vistaprint

I worked in my classroom a little bit more this week. I took the time to organize my math manipulatives, games, and cards so I can find them when I need them. You can't see great in the picture but I organized the drawers: fractions, decimals, dice (yes, I have enough dice to fill the drawer), whole numbers and measurement/geometry. 

I picked up some new border at the school supply store this week and changed the border for my bulletin boards in the classroom. 

I also put up black fabric on the far end of this hallway display we have on the lockers and added new border out there too. I had polka dot fabric on this end and it faded really bad so it was time to replace it. This is where I display student work. Now I need to come up with a title to put on the end to complete this.

I have an old Smartboard that doesn't work on the side wall in my classroom. Last year I used it to write the quote of the week, joke, and weird but true fact. I decided to change that up a little and I used my Cricut to cut out letters and add to the board. I'm going to post objectives for the subjects I teach. 

I purchased Common Core Posters for Math from TpT. However, I couldn't find any for the science and SS objectives for Alabama. So of course I made some! I created them using the course of study objectives for Alabama. I'm still searching for some cute clip art to go on the social studies posters. I bought some cute clip art for the science posters from Scrappin' Doodles.

I was super excited that my brochures came in today!

I made these using Vistaprint and I only payed $34 for 50 brochures (including shipping). I'm always impressed with the products from them. These brochures look so professional. 

The back has information about the subjects each teacher teaches, wish list, and contact information. 

On the inside of the brochure we introduced ourselves and discussed the 7 Habits since we are a Leader In Me school. I also added something about the organization of our binders with graded papers. 

I can't wait to send these out to my students.

I will be posting in the weeks to come about the technology I use in my classroom. I'll be presenting a session at our district technology conference. Once I get my presentation ready I'll post it here in case anyone is interested in learning as well. I'm also going to ISTE in Atlanta! I'm so excited because this is my first time! I'm the technology integration mentor for my school so I'm usually the one teaching others about technology. I can't wait to learn some new technology to use in my classroom and to be able to come back to share with everyone.

This coming week I'll be working in my room again. Everyone says I should take a break, it is summer. However, I can't just sit at home. Everything here has been cleaned, clothes are washed, and daytime television is killing me. I don't have any little ones to look after. So I'd rather work a little along to get my room ready instead of doing a mad dash the week before school starts. So make sure to check back next week to see what I was able to accomplish!

I would love to hear what everyone has been working on for next year (if anything).

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  1. I'm switching grade levels next year and have been searching for fifth grade blogs. Glad I found you!!!


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