Friday, March 14, 2014

Week 28- Triangles w/Technology & Mystery Powders

We started the week with a review of triangles. Each group started with a Mobi and listed everything they know about triangles. I found that most groups thought all triangles have acute angles. Then I gave every group a wanted poster with the name of a triangle at the top. They used the iPad to research their triangle and record the information. 

The posted had a place for them to list a description and place last seen. There was a $180 reward so they had to figure out why that was the reward amount. I forgot to take pictures of their posters when completed but they did a great job. They posted their research on LinoIt.

I had each group share their poster and we used their information to create a flipbook about triangles. Then I called out a triangle and my students used Play-Doh to make them. 

Here is Avery telling you about her triangle. She created this using YAKiT Kids app on the iPad. 

Our focus this week in science was acids and bases. My students tested powers with BTB to find out if they were acidic or alkaline. 

They also tested the same powders with iodine to see if starch was present. Then each group mixed 2 powders to create a mystery powder. They used the data they had been collecting to figure out which two powders were mixed to create the mystery powder from another group.

I loved seeing all my students synergize!

In the end, all the groups guessed on of the powders right but only one group was able to determine both powders in the mystery powder mix.

STUDENTS: This week with Mrs. Smith you have been writing a persuasive essay. Do you think cell phones should be allowed in school? Why or why not?


  1. yes cause of educational games that may actually be nice too


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