Friday, August 24, 2012

School Begins! Week 1

School started back this week and we had a lot of fun!

This week we started learning some of the games that are in our Math 4 Corners: Strategy Games, Fact Games, Number Games, and Paper Practice. You can see us learning how to play Oh No 99! The kids keep 5 cards in their hand at all times and add each card played to get to 99, without going over.

Learning oh no 99

I also love doing brain breaks with the kids. When everyone started looking like they are glazed over we get up and do a brain break to get energized again! This one is where you snap your right fingers and blink your left eye. Then switch and snap your left fingers and blink your right eye. Once you get started try going as fast as you can. Click here to learn about other brain breaks!

Brain breaks

Here you see a few students playing 4 in a Row. I have a set to practice addition, multiplication, subtraction, and division. Pick a game board and spin twice. For this one you multiply the 2 numbers and use a chip to cover the answer. The goal is to get 4 chips in a row to win.

Math 4 Corners

Today we did one of my favorite activities, Saving Fred. Fred love to go out on his boat but he can't swim. One day he is out on his boat and it flips over. Fred is able to climb up on the bottom of his boat but his life jacket is under the boat. The students have to work together to figure out how to get the life jacket on Fred without touching anything with their hands. If Fred drops he's dead! Each pair got 4 paper clips, a cup, a gummy saver, and Fred (gummy worm).

Saving Fred Saving Fred 2

Every group was able to save Fred. Some got it on the first try and others had to rethink and try again.

Saving Fred 3

STUDENTS: I enjoyed getting to know each of you this week. I hope you enjoyed your first week back at school. We had a lot of fun and did a lot of different things. What was your favorite activity and why?


  1. I liked when we saved Fred, because we worked together,and got to eat a gummy worm

  2. I loved Save Fred. It was silly, funny, and crazy.

  3. Save Fred was awesome! It was funny because Fred is actually a gummy worm. Lol!

  4. Fun activities! I'd love to be a student in your class! ;) Did you come up with "Save Fred" yourself??

  5. "Saving Fred" was my favorite activity because it was fun and difficult. It was difficult getting the Lifesaver on Fred. It was fun eating gummy worms and taking the leftovers to ASC:)

  6. Saving Fred was fun,I like the part when we had to figure out how to open the lifejacket and put Fred in it :)

  7. Saving Fred was fun,i like the part when we had to figure out how to open the Life-jacket and put Fred in it.

  8. I love this activity and was hoping to use it when teaching about the scientific method...what did you have the students do who got fred saved on their first try while they waited for the other students?

  9. My favorite thing was Saving Fred and then eating him.


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