Friday, June 15, 2012

Summer Week 2

This week I've been doing a little summer learning. Are you familiar with SimpleK12? They offer free webinars for teachers. Our school district got a mini grant and I was lucky enough to be able to sign up for the community. It is an amazing resource and I've already learned so much from them.

This week I took part in 2 webinars so I thought I'd share a few free resources I learned about.

The first one is an iPad app called ScreenChomp.

This is an interactive whiteboard app where students can record themselves. Or the teacher can record the screen and audio to explain how to do something. This app makes it easy to post these short videos to the web or to a student digital portfolio!

I also learned about a free game creation site called This is a site where you can create arcade style quiz games for your students to use to practice/study for a test. You can make your own questions to personalize! This site also has a great QR Code generator game and "Fakebook." You should check these out.

The last site I'm going to share with you is Voicethread.
Voicethread is online and an iPad app. This is a great way to create an ePorfolio. I haven't used this before but I've seen some information about it. I'd love to hear from you if you have used it successfully in your classroom.

I'm gearing up to present at the Madison County Board of Education Technology Conference next week. I'll be teaching about using Socrative and photography. Check back next week for info about the sessions I presented!

Thought I'd end this post with a card I made for myself. So fitting I think!

(In case you can't read it, it says: i'm nerdy and i know it.)

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