Friday, April 27, 2012

Week 34

Two of our students participated in the Madison County 4H County Round Up!


Carolyn- "$15 Challenge" 2nd place for the outfit she put together


Micah- "What Wood You Build" 2nd place for his magazine rack and
"Freestyle Demonstration" 1st place for karate demo

Way to go Carolyn and Micah!

Power tower

The kids are still enjoying 4 corners during math time. We start every Monday through Wednesday with math games.

Math corners Oh no 99

Poor cockroach

We had a hissing cockroach die this week. The girls were so upset about it. I told them to put it in a bag and throw it away. They brought it to me to see if I wanted to say goodbye. So we took it to the bathroom and gave it a goldfish burial. Don't worry, we still have about 30 left!

Bumper Stumpers

Ms. Robison finished her student teaching with us this week. While she was teaching Mrs. Reasner and I put together this bulletin board. Do you remember the old game show called Bumper Stumpers? These are personalized license plates. Have fun figuring them out!

STUDENTS: What was your favorite part about having a student teacher? Are you ready for me to start teaching again? Why? I know I am excited about getting back to teaching you. I have missed you guys! I got a lot done while Ms. Robison was teaching and I was also watching a lot of webinars and learning about a lot of new apps and web sites to use in the classroom. I can't wait to share them with you!


  1. ☺☻☺Emma☺☻☺April 27, 2012 at 10:29 PM

    My favorite part was playing Jeopardy. I am a little sad that Ms. Robison is leaving because I won't get to see her again next year. I missed you too Mrs. White :D. I want to dissect those frogs too.

  2. claudia martinez :] :]April 28, 2012 at 10:54 PM

    my favorite part was when we did jeopardy.Im ready for you to come back Mrs.white so we can do experiments.

  3. we did new strategies like jeopardy. yes . i felt a little bit more organized with u and we do a little bit more fun stuff with u.i missed u 2. but i like animals so ur torchering me with the frogs.;)

  4. My fave part was when we would do Jeporady and if you were on the winning team you'd win a 5 pt. bonus pass. I miss Ms.Robison a little b'cause I won't see her nxt yr.Plus Mrs.White I miss doing stuff w/you.I can't wait 'till those frogs are in the hands of the DOCTOR. That's ME of course.

  5. I so agree with Emma,Carolyn,Timothy, and Claudia.I loved the jeopardy and the gold rush.I am so ready for Mrs.White to teach again.I have missed Mrs.White's wonderful teaching and I just missed her period because I never see her in the classroom.I did not know one of the cockroaches died :(. How did he die? Anyway........yeah......well...bye!See you Monday.

  6. My fav part was is when we got to play Jeporady. Yes I'm ready for you to teach again. Because you are such a wonderful teacher. We all missed you Mrs.White!!!!!!!! Yeah what Megan said how did the cockroach die?

  7. My favorite part of having a student teacher is that you get to do different things than what you do with your other teacher. I'm ready for you to start teaching again because we barely got see you when we had Ms. robison. I really like her though.


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