Saturday, November 19, 2011

Week 13


Can you believe it is almost Thanksgiving? It seems like we just came back from fall break. Time has gone by so quick! This week we had American Education Week and parents were invited to come to school and have lunch with their kids. We had lots of parents come Friday!






Because of the MARS grant, given by the Federal Government, our class now has an ipad 2!

We even have the capability to show it on the smartboard for everyone to see. I have started adding apps to the ipad for us to use in the classroom. Friday we played Stack the States. I even think I'm hooked on this one! If parents are able, we would love to be able to purchase additional apps. However, we will need iTunes gift cards to do so. Currently we just have a few but the kids are loving it!

STUDENTS: I need your input on apps you would love to see added to the ipad. Share which apps you'd like to see. One condition, you must explain how they would be educational! Don't just tell me you want Angry Birds! Explain how it would be education. I can't wait to see your suggestions!


  1. The 50 states app on my mom's phone. It teaches you facts about each state, and it quizzes you on those facts. Amerrit

  2. I think we should add scrabble because it helps you learn words.I also think we can do sudoku because it is related to math I think.

    Megan McNabb ☻♥

  3. Miss Spell's class. This app quizes students on commonly mispelled words.

  4. scrabble cuz it teaches you how to spell words

  5. Grammar prep because it teaches us subject verb agreement,commas, and etc.

  6. I think brain pop would be a good one. So it teatches you to learn what ever you want. Sebastian:-)

  7. I think we should put scramble because learn a lot of words .

  8. Math Fact Master because it teaches you math fact problem's.

  9. Jeopardy is a educational game becuse it helps you work on some of your weaknesses such as vocabulary, geography, math skills,and alot more. ~Tatiasha W~

  10. •Angry birds teaches stradegy
    •Elevated math is a math game

    Thats all I can think of

  11. i play this game on my i pod it is called math bingo the way it is educational is because it helps you practice your math facts


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